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Advancement that makes the difference

Ever since the foundation of AVE in January 1973, our formula to success has been and still is our dedication to continuous advancement. Thus, besides the renting of audio-visual equipment for events of any type, we were able to successfully establish business with spectacular permanent installations. Over the course of the last years our customers increasingly put their trust in us when it comes to creating complex solutions that raise the bar to another level.

With our headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne and branch offices in Hannover, Berlin and Munich we are able to provide our customers with direct and comprehensive service catering to their needs.

Our employees are our greatest asset. From distribution and equipment management to renting and marketing, out team consists of highly trained professionals with degrees as graduate engineers or degrees from advanced technical colleges, master event technicians, master radio and television technicians as well as skilled craftsmen in electrical engineering and telecommunications. Alongside our executive management, discrete office, distribution and service managers ensure our high standard in competence and teamwork in all of our locations.

Our contracts and co-operations with leading manufacturers have our customers draw from abundance. It gives us the ability make the perfect selection from the most recent top-quality components for them at fair market values.

We are proud to have met our high self-ambition since 1973 and translate this approach towards quality into first-class service that makes the difference for our customers.

Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten GmbH & CO

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We strive to get to know you and your business accurately. To be able to provide you with tailored solutions to meet your needs, we are working in close partnership with you. We are a team and our common goal is your success.


Conscious and sustainable operations are crucial for future success. Social commitment, environmental conservation and our contribution to a stable and seminal economic environment stand in the foreground of our sustainability efforts.

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Customer Care

Consumer satisfaction is our top priority and our first-class customer care characterizes our efforts. We spare no pains when it comes to ensuring the success of your business. You are important to us, count on that.


With great experience and competence we are able to provide you and your project with the best service possible. Our philosophy of continuous advancement empowers us to meet the requirements of a steadily changing market and present state-of-the-art solutions.

Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten GmbH & CO

Exhibition & Event

Our equipment stock for shows, trade fair presences, product presentations, seminars and conferences covers the whole range – from simple installations to ambitious all-in solutions. Our products not only match state-of-the-art technology, they are also exclusively obtained from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten GmbH & CO

Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten GmbH & CO – Video Technology

Video Technology

Choosing the right video technology for a successful presentation requires a lot of experience and attention to detail. Our extensive range of cutting-edge technology offers you the perfect solution for any type of project.

Let our knowledgeable experts advise you in choosing the ideal video technology for your event.

Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten GmbH & CO


Our full-service comprehends planning, setting and realization of vents of any scale – almost everywhere. Our love for details in conception and planning to organization and realization makes the difference between event and experience.


Installations- technology and teamwork

State-of-the-art installations need a holistic performance. To induce this perception a number of components and individual services must be coordinated perfectly. With our extensive expertise in all relevant technologies and our love for detail we offer complex solutions to ensure striking success.


Media control – signal management from a single source

Coherent installation systems are based on intelligent media control. Ideally suited and programmed to its task it coordinates and manages all media as well as the entire performance space – ranging from acoustics and conference systems to lighting and ventilation.


Visuals – Through the eyes, into the heart

Whether they are static or moving – visuals are the alpha and omega of aesthetic installations. From the smallest displays to large-scaled projections in lighting and laser technology to high-res LED walls we offer a great variety of solutions.

We will help you make the right choices and select the perfect equipment and components for your project.


Audio – sometimes the ears see more

Adequate sound is one of the most important facets of each presentation. It must be perfectly matched to the visual performance in order to have an installation become a striking event that evokes the desired emotions.

Every presentation space bears its own challanges to the acoustics systems, while the event-related sound engineering and outstanding perceivability of speech are just as important as the ease of use, feedback security and the overall multi-functionality of a specific system.

Through our extensive experience with challanging room situations we are able to ensure ideal acoustics for effectful presentations. Because only those that understand everything and well are those that are listening until the end.


Video conferences – bringing business together

In modern enterprises efficient and location-independent communication is essential. Our video conferencing solutions create digital face-to-face situations that allow employees or business partners to personally and effectively involve each other in all business processes.

Here, the intuitive set-up and use of these systems are of great importance for user acceptance.Our conference systems are flexible and tailored to your needs. Thus, sustainably justifying your investment over a long period of time.

Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten GmbH & CO


Our competence and media technology stands for successful installations and events in Germany, Europe and beyond.
We are proud to look back on these projects.

Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten GmbH & CO

Our Team

Our employees are not human resources. They are passionate experts. They are the heart and soul of AVE and make the difference between order fulfillment and teamwork.

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Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten GmbH & CO


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AVE Audio Visual Equipment GmbH

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